Helping Your Child Feel at Ease at the Dentist Office

Bringing your child in for their first dental visit early in their life is so they get used to being in a dental office and won’t get nervous. Once your child is older than two, depending on their temperament and personality, they might experience anxiety at the different sights and sounds. At this age, the... Read more »

Should Your Child Use a Mouth Guard?

Does your child play sports or participate in physical activities? Are you taking the precautions you can to protect their smile? During sports, especially if it is a contact sport or any activity where your child could fall or collide with a piece of equipment, the potential for an oral injury may exist. To help… Read more »

Could Your Child’s Smile Benefit From Fastbraces®?

Does your child have crooked teeth? Are you concerned that he or she may need months, if not years, of orthodontic treatment to get a straighter smile? If you answered yes, we may have a solution for your child. We are proud to offer Fastbraces® to our patients and, as the name implies, they can… Read more »

Treating Bruxism With Night Guards

Does your child grind their teeth at night? Does he or she complain about discomfort in their jaw, tooth sensitivity or headaches? If so, your child could be suffering from a common chronic dental condition called bruxism, and we may recommend that your child use a night guard to help protect their teeth as they… Read more »

Space Maintainers: Saving Your Smile When a Tooth Is Lost

Has your child lost a tooth prematurely? Are you concerned about what this could mean for their smile? If a child loses a tooth prematurely, the neighboring teeth could begin to shift, rotate or slide because of the gap, which could divert the permanent tooth. If your child loses a tooth too early, you may… Read more »

Fluoride Treatment for Children

If your child’s smile needs extra defensive protection against cavities to preserve their teeth, we invite you to learn more about fluoride treatment in today’s blog. Let’s take a look! What exactly is fluoride? Essentially, fluoride is a natural mineral which helps to strengthen your little one’s precious tooth enamel against the harmful effects of… Read more »

Making Your Child’s Trip to The Dentist Easier

Your children’s first trip to the dentist should be within six months of their first tooth, and if possible, before their first birthday. Then, you should make sure that your children see the dentist every six months for regular cleanings and exams. Not everyone looks forward to a trip to the dentist, and kids are… Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Help Prevent Cavities

Preventing cavities on your child’s teeth is important. This is especially true for the permanent teeth that will need to serve them throughout the bulk of their adult life. Having a dental checkup performed every six months by a like Dr. will help to detect any early signs of tooth decay and gum disease as… Read more »

Saving Your Child’s Smile: Thumb Sucking

Caring for your child’s smile includes always making sure their mouth is well cared for in the presence of thumb sucking. Because most children suck their thumbs, they put an increased risk of dental damage on their smile. However, it can be treated effectively if you take the time and effort to break the bad… Read more »

Tips for Providing Oral First-Aid for a Child

There is an old adage that says children are made out of rubber and they often easily bounce back from an accident or injury that would lay low a grown adult. Unfortunately, in the course of their roughhousing and bouncing around, children do occasionally suffer significant injuries. Some injuries that children commonly experience come in… Read more »