Oral Health Care From the Very First Tooth

The beginning of the year for you might have added an additional gift as it could be the very first year for a child in your life. If you do have an infant that requires your care this year, do not forget that in a short amount of time, their first teeth will start to… Read more »

Which Toothbrush Should You Pick for Your Child

Do you know what you would do while you’re standing in the store choosing a toothbrush for your child? Did you know that your little one’s toothbrush can actually have a major impact on their oral health? How do you choose the right brush for your child? The first thing you should consider is the… Read more »

Is Your Child Prone to Tooth Decay?

Would you be surprised to learn that your children’s teeth are actually vulnerable to tooth decay? While everyone is vulnerable to decay, did you know that some children could be more vulnerable than others? Fortunately, there are also a few relatively simple things you can do to make your child less vulnerable to tooth decay…. Read more »

How the Tooth Fairy Can Help You with Your Child’s Oral Health

When it comes to parenting, it’s always nice to have parent “helpers” to motivate our children. We have Santa, the Easter Bunny, and of course, the Tooth Fairly to put smiles on our children’s faces, with one exception. The Tooth Fairy can visit throughout the year, and since a child can lose up to 20 baby… Read more »

Even Babies Can Get Tooth Decay

Even babies can get tooth decay. As early as six months of age, an infant can begin showing the first signs of their teeth above the gumline. If a tooth has broken the gumline it is susceptible to all of the dangers of tooth decay as any adult tooth would be. It is at this… Read more »

How to Help Your Children Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth

You know that it can be hard to help your kids open their mouths when it’s time to brush their teeth. But it’s very important to help your children brush their teeth–especially if you want them to enjoy a healthy smile. Do you ever wonder what you can do to make brushing fun so your… Read more »

We ‘Boo-lieve’ You Can Take Care of Your Teeth for Halloween

Don’t go batty this season trying to figure out which candies are best for you and your family. Instead, practice moderation, and don’t go ‘goblin’ down anything and everything that finds its way into your baskets this year. We ‘boo-lieve’ you can prevent getting spooked by cavities. Here are some additional tips to help you… Read more »

Keep Your Smile Healthy With These Items

Do you feel it’s time for a dental cleaning? If so, you are probably right. What better way to dive into the sugary, fun-filled, holiday season than having your teeth professionally cleaned to keep your oral health in check? That is why to help you prepare for the holiday season, our team at in ,… Read more »

What is Your Child’s Pacifier is Doing to Their Teeth?

You probably know that when your child cries, a natural solution is to hand them their pacifier. Fortunately, there isn’t anything wrong with that—in fact, a pacifier can comfort your child and help you, as their parent, get some precious rest. However, if your pacifier isn’t used properly, or is used too long, they could… Read more »

How to Keep Your Child’s Smile Health up to Date

Regular dental checkups help to discover if your child is experiencing a chronic dental condition. This is important because children who suffer from chronic dental pain may not always tell you (or be able to tell you) what is happening. But there are signs they may exhibit–they may appear anxious, depressed or tired. The reality is more than one-half… Read more »