When a tooth requires a more extensive restoration than is reasonable to achieve with a dental filling, Dr. R. Bruce Howell will often recommend a dental crown. Dental crowns (also referred to as “caps”) are designed to fit over the top of damaged teeth, restoring both their function and appearance. They strengthen a patient’s smile while blending discreetly with the surrounding teeth.

Patients may need dental crowns for a variety of reasons, including to protect a tooth after root canal therapy or to repair a tooth damaged from accident or injury. Dental crowns are made from gold, metal, or ceramic materials, based on the patient’s situation and preferences. Durable stainless steel crowns are often recommended for primary teeth, while tooth-colored zirconia or ceramic crowns are typically placed in permanent or visible teeth.

Receiving a dental crown typically takes two visits to Orem Pediatric Dentistry. During the first visit, Dr. Howell will prepare your child’s tooth by shaping it and removing any decay. He may use our WaterLase® dental laser, for a more comfortable and precise procedure. Your child will then receive a temporary crown while the final restoration is created. On the second visit, our team will place the final crown, ensuring that it fits and functions properly.

If your child needs a dental crown in Orem, Utah, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment with our caring pediatric dentist.