If a tooth becomes severely infected, a root canal treatment may be required to save the tooth and prevent the need for extraction. We are pleased to provide comfortable, effective root canals in Orem, Utah, for patients young and old.

For many, root canals have the stigma of being painful and unpleasant. But actually, root canal treatment is used to alleviate pain by repairing a tooth that has developed an inner infection. Often, root canals are necessary if a tooth has untreated decay or has been injured due to accident.

Root canal therapy is a straightforward procedure, typically completed over the course of two visits. To begin, Dr. R. Bruce Howell will open the tooth and remove any infected material. He may use our cutting-edge WaterLase® dental laser, which achieves comfortable, precise results for patients. Once any infection is removed, the tooth will be filled, sealed, and capped with a temporary restoration crown. In a couple of weeks, your final crown will be placed to ensure the tooth remains healthy and protected for years to come.

If a child’s primary tooth has become infected due to injury or decay, Dr. Howell may recommend a pulpotomy, essentially root canal therapy for baby teeth. Your child’s primary teeth, while only temporary, perform key functions in speech development and daily eating and chewing. It is typically best to keep teeth in place until the time when they naturally fall out to make way for permanent teeth.

When your child visits our office for their regular check-ups, we can evaluate their smile and help them prevent dental disease from ever occurring. But if inner tooth care is ever needed, our team is ready to provide a caring comfortable experience. Please call Orem Pediatric Dentistry at 801-802-7200 today if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment with our friendly dentist.