Feeding Difficulties?

Lip Tie and Tongue Tie Treatment for Babies

The piece of tissue behind your upper lip is called the frenulum. … Tongue tie with lip tie can make breastfeeding difficult for babies, and in some cases, cause babies to have trouble gaining weight. Lip ties are less common than a similar (and sometimes co-occurring) condition: tongue tie.

A lip tie and or tongue tie can create problems with an infant breast feeding and bottle feeding. This is manifested by a child not latching on to the nipple or tries to attach and looks like the child has attached and then pulls away. Other signs of a lip tie is the child clicking in his or her mouth while feeding. I can relieve that tie with a laser, so that feeding issue goes away painlessly and in minutes.

We invite you to call Orem Pediatric Dentistry at 801-802-7200 to schedule your child’s appointment with Dr. R. Bruce Howell and learn more about lip and tongue tie treatment in Orem, Utah. Our dentist and team are committed to helping your child enjoy a healthy quality of life.


“Hello Dr Howell, thank you for the call. Sophie is latching on much better, can breathe much easier. She is a little sensitive, but we expect that if it was a surgery. She is doing so much better. Feedings are shorter and she’s definitely eating more and swallowing less air. Thanks again for the follow up.”

– Andrea

“I suspected that my baby had a lip tie, so we were referred to doctor Howell. When we got there he said he not only had a lip tie but a tongue tie as well. He fixed both in office that day with numbing jelly and local anesthetic, and my son is now able to hold a binky in his mouth (we would have to hold it for him, he could never do it on his own and it would just fall out) and eats better and faster without clicking or taking in excess air when he eats from a bottle. He seems to have very little pain and was acting like himself the very next day. Really grateful for the quick, good work and pleasant staff!”

– Samantha