While our team does whatever possible to prevent the need for dental extractions, there may be occasions when removing a tooth is the best option for your child. Sometimes a tooth may need to be removed if it becomes severely infected, or if it is preventing a permanent tooth from coming in properly. Dr. R. Bruce Howell offers comfortable, efficient tooth extraction in Orem, Utah, for patients in need of this service.

There are many treatment options available to help save a tooth that has experienced damage or decay. However, if the tooth has become compromised to the point that it cannot be restored, or if infection has the possibility of threatening other teeth or tissues, it may be best to remove the tooth.

Extraction may also be advised if there are too many teeth in a child’s mouth and crowding is occurring. Typically this happens when permanent teeth are erupting without displacing primary teeth.

Our pediatric dentist takes great care to make sure your child’s procedure is quick and comfortable, using a local anesthetic or sedation. Once the treatment is complete, our team will discuss any aftercare recommendations to ensure a speedy recovery.

If Dr. Howell needs to remove a primary tooth, he may recommend the use of a space maintainer. These small devices help preserve the current placement of any surrounding teeth until the space is filled by a permanent tooth. One of the functions of baby teeth is to act as placeholders for permanent teeth, helping them erupt in the correct position. If a primary tooth needs to be removed prematurely, a space maintainer helps ensure the proper eruption of any permanent that may follow.

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