How to Help Your Child When They Are Teething

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If you have a child who is beginning to teeth, you must do your part to ensure their smile will shine through for years to come. Teething begins when teeth rub against the gum line and break through to become visible in their mouths. It can cause infants and young children discomfort and pain that may need remedies to help them.

A child’s first tooth will erupt above the gum line when they are about 6 months old. Typical teething symptoms include sleep deprivation issues, excessive whining and fussiness, a general loss of appetite, and drooling beyond the norm. If they are constantly reaching for things to put in their mouths, including your fingers, it may be to soothe the pain they are feeling.

A few remedies to help them deal with the pain include using cold spoons or objects to gently and slowly rub across their gums. You can also try specialized teething rings for them to chew on. No matter what objects you choose to use, always make sure they are free of contamination. This includes never putting an object that was in your mouth into theirs until it has been cleaned.

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