Providing Your Child With a Floss Stick Can Help Ingrain Good Flossing Habits

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Developing consistent oral hygiene practices in your son or daughter’s early years can help preserve the health of the teeth and gums, while also increasing their chances of maintaining those habits into their adult life.

Encouraging a child to brush their teeth is often easy. Providing them with a toothbrush that features their favorite cartoon theme and a little child safe-toothpaste can help cultivate their zeal for brushing twice each day.

Just make sure that the toothpaste has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This ensures that it meets specific safety and effectiveness guidelines.

Once they are done brushing, you can make an additional pass with their toothbrush to ensure all the surfaces of their teeth have been cleaned.

Young children sometimes struggle with the manual dexterity needed to floss their teeth with traditional dental floss. Providing them with a small floss stick equipped with waxed dental floss can help them experiment at flossing their own teeth. Just make sure to teach them to also clean the gumline, as well as the spaces behind their back teeth.

As the years go by and their dexterity improves, they might become increasingly interested in flossing with standard dental floss. Sometimes flavored dental floss can help keep them encouraged to floss on a daily basis.

Attending your child’s regular dental checkups at Dr. R. Bruce Howell’s dental office is also very important for tracking their oral development and maintaining the health of their mouth.

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