Should Your Child Use a Mouth Guard?

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Does your child play sports or participate in physical activities? Are you taking the precautions you can to protect their smile? During sports, especially if it is a contact sport or any activity where your child could fall or collide with a piece of equipment, the potential for an oral injury may exist. To help negate this threat, we can offer customized mouth guards to our patients.

Mouth guards, made at Orem Pediatric Dentistry are made from a thin piece of plastic that is flexible and can fit over your child’s teeth. Dr. R. Bruce Howell can make a custom guard for your child’s smile that may provide the best protection during their physical activities. It can help create a buffer between your teeth and whatever comes between them. It has been estimated that mouth guards may prevent at least 200,000 oral injuries within a single year. These could range from a bitten tongue to a tooth that has been knocked out.

You can, if you desire, purchase mouth guards at your local sporting goods store, but they may not compare with what we can provide. There are two options: boil and bite or stock. Stock mouth guards may be inexpensive as they come preformed and ready to wear. However, they probably won’t fit very well. Boil and bite mouth guards could be the better of the two options. They also come preformed, but can you boil the guard and bite into the warm plastic to help shape it to your smile. It could provide a better fit, but you should follow the directions carefully.

If you have questions about mouth guards, or would like to make an appointment with us, you can call 801-802-7200 today. We would be happy to help you protect your child’s smile.