Spread the Smiles with Halloween Jokes!

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Halloween is next week. That means the vampires are coming out of their coffins, ghosts and mummies are leaving their graves and witches are boiling toil and trouble. And don’t forget the trick or treaters. You can make the trick or treating more fun by telling the kids these punny jokes:

As you hand out packs of gummy bears, you can say:
Q: What do you call a bear without teeth?
A: A gummy bear

And if you come across a trick or treater dressed as a skeleton:
Q: Why was the skeleton smiling so much?
A: He just got His teeth cleaned!

Here’s a more generic joke:
Q: What do mice use to floss their teeth?
A: String cheese

If you see any dragon themed costumes, ask:
Q: What do dentists use to fix a dragon’s teeth?
A: Fire drills

There are bound to be a few Jedis with the advent of the new Star Wars movie, so here’s a funny one:
Q: What did the dentist tell the Jedi?
A: May the floss be with you!

Halloween is a wonderful holiday, but all that candy can sometimes have long-term effects on people’s teeth. If you want to help those trick or treaters’ teeth stay healthy on Halloween, consider putting sugarless gum in their bags in addition to candy. You can even tell them to chew it after they eat some candy to help their teeth. For more ideas or questions, you can call Orem Pediatric Dentistry in Orem, Utah, at 801-802-7200 to talk to a member of our dental staff or to schedule an appointment with Dr. R. Bruce Howell. Happy Halloween!