Treating Bruxism With Night Guards

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Does your child grind their teeth at night? Does he or she complain about discomfort in their jaw, tooth sensitivity or headaches? If so, your child could be suffering from a common chronic dental condition called bruxism, and we may recommend that your child use a night guard to help protect their teeth as they sleep.

Symptoms of bruxism may sometimes occur during the day, but most often people grind their teeth during the night while they sleep. They can be completely unaware of the habit, but it can cause significant wear on the teeth and could even cause cracks or chips. Bruxism could be a result of stress.

The good news is that Dr. R. Bruce Howell can treat bruxism with a night guard to help reduce the effects of teeth grinding. These night guards are custom made to your child’s smile to make them as comfortable as possible. Night guards may not work for everyone, and small children can outgrow teeth grinding habits. Our dentist can help you determine what course of therapy may be right for your child’s needs.

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