Which Toothbrush Should You Pick for Your Child

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Do you know what you would do while you’re standing in the store choosing a toothbrush for your child? Did you know that your little one’s toothbrush can actually have a major impact on their oral health? How do you choose the right brush for your child?

The first thing you should consider is the firmness of a brush’s bristles. Hard bristles can actually damage your little one’s teeth. Incidentally, hard bristles can actually damage an adult’s teeth as well. To avoid these issues, please select a brush with soft bristles.

You’ll also need to find a brush that fits inside your little one’s mouth comfortably. If your child has a hard time reaching the back of their mouth, or struggle to maneuver their brush while it’s in their mouth, they probably won’t enjoy brushing. If your little one doesn’t want to brush their teeth, they’ll be less likely to cooperate and probably won’t brush as effectively. We recommend purchasing a brush with a rounded head, as they tend to fit more comfortably.

Finally, please remember that you should replace your child’s toothbrush every few months. If a brush is frayed or used for too long, it could harbor harmful bacteria. You can also help your child want to brush their teeth by choosing a design they enjoy.

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